Why I Choose to blog

 I like to write. My problem is that I like to write about my life, family and friends. Facebook is not the correct place to post these stories.

My life has been very full. Three ex-husbands, four children, two grandchildren, a mom and dad, two brothers, one sister and seven nephews. There has been over forty aunts and uncles in and out of my life. These people plus many friends are what makes up most of my stories.

This is my way to release all the sarcastic energy building up in my thoughts. Not all posts will contain sarcasm but there will be a lot. I tend to sit back and listen. You can hear and find out so much that way. A lot of my sarcasm is getting rid of the anger I have.

I have been introduced to Flash in the Pan writing. These are very short stories you write based on a series of words and a word limit. I have found that I am able to release my thoughts on these. You will see my stories posted here.

Have fun and enjoy.


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