As I see it, football is a game that needs to be played way out in the field away from the house. I can even name a few teams, the Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my. Wait, that is part of a song. Football games played in the house can lead to disasters. The disappearance of food, breaking of furniture and  small children learning words they should not say.  Before a game  people are taking bags of snacks inside. They leave empty handed, but when you look for a snack to eat during your movie, there is nothing. Next is the furniture. The couch is missing an arm, the recliner is leaning and you can’t find five of your dining room chairs. Goodness that fireplace is blazing. Where are my chairs? Last is the language. Voices must be as loud and off the wall. That’s one of the rules.

Allowed 150 words. Used 149.

To read more shorts written by other authors stop by The M3 Blog. Come join us and add your creativity to the rest. “Flash in the Pan” are very short stories written for a single word topic with a limited number of words allowed.


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