An inmate had escaped from the nearby prison’s mental ward. He was serving a life sentence in the murder and mutilation of three women. While I was watching the news someone knocked at the door. The man standing there was very slovenly and dirty. I should not have opened the door. As he shoved in the door he grabbed me. In my room he found electric cords to tie me with. Finding scarves in my dresser, he grabbed some. He tied the scarves around my breast and pulled them as tight as possible. As he left the room I knew he was getting a knife. As he was looking at me, he said that I was different. Instead of boiling my breasts like the others, he thought he would try baking them this time.  As he lifted the knife I screamed and awoke. What a lunatic.

Allowed 150 words. Used 149.

To read more shorts written by other authors stop by The M3 Blog. Come join us and add your creativity to the rest. “Flash in the Pan” are very short stories written for a single word topic with a limited number of words allowed.


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