Angie could feel the eyes watching her. She tried to hurry along the crowded sidewalk but kept running into people. They looked at her like she was crazy. No matter how hard she tried she could never see anyone watching. It was always a feeling and she was becoming obsessed. The only place she felt safe from the eyes was in the bathroom. Last night, after two weeks of trying to sleep, she made her bed in the bathtub. What had she done? Why was someone watching her? What did they want? Later that day, she went to see a psychiatrist. She talked to him for four sessions. He told her that his opinion was that her stalker was the devil. He was waiting for her to mess up. She started laughing. Who would have thought that the devil would have enough decency to not follow into the bathroom.

Allowed 150 words. Used 149.

To read more shorts written by other authors stop by The M3 Blog. Come join us and add your creativity to the rest. “Flash in the Pan” are very short stories written for a single word topic with a limited number of words allowed.


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