Jacob has spent many hours working on his models. He has cars and trucks sitting everywhere and planes suspended from the ceiling. His room is his sanctuary. As the only boy in the family he is allowed his own room. He laughs when his sisters start fighting over things in their room. The older sister likes to put together jigsaw puzzles, the younger sister tears them up.

At age 13 everything changes for Jacob. His brother George is born. Jacob is not worried. His models look so great and George is going to love looking at them also. So he thought. At age two it was discovered that George liked to take things apart. Jacob just moved his models higher. Problem solved for a bit. George started climbing and none of the models were safe from that day on. Jacob realized what his sister had been complaining about for years.

Allowed 150 words. Used 150.

To read more shorts written by other authors stop by The M3 Blog. Come join us and add your creativity to the rest. “Flash in the Pan” are very short stories written for a single word topic with a limited number of words allowed.


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